Thursday, September 21, 2017

Missouri primed to legalize medical cannabis

After meeting with leaders across the state, a research doctor studying medical cannabis says Missourians are ready to pass a medical marijuana law in 2018.

“Missouri is clearly ready to move forward on medical cannabis,” said Dr. Sue Sisley, principal investigator of an Arizona-based clinical trial of medical cannabis for intractable PTSD. “The level of compassion that elected officials across the state have for suffering patients is incredible.”

New Approach Missouri, a Missouri-based pot promotion organization, is pushing an initiative petition to legalize medical marijuana. Unlike Rep. Neely's bill, their proposed constitutional amendment would restrict the number of licenses granted to businesses, and instead allow Missourians to grow marijuana at home.

Two other medical cannabis initiative petitions have been filed with the Missouri Secretary of State. Another initiative petition that completely ends cannabis prohibition has also been approved for circulation.

Please take 3 steps.

1. Call your elected officials

People with intractable diseases need more choice in medicine. Instead of threatening to lock up suffering patients who turn to investigational treatments, we need to support Missourians' right to try experimental drugs that could ease pain or extend life.

 Click below to:

▽ Urge your Representative to support patient rights
Missourians struggling with intractable diseases need more options, including medical cannabis. 

Imagine living every minute in pain because untreatable, malignant tumors are pressing against your organs; an investigational treatment might relieve your pain or extend your life, but a government agency won't let you try it because the treatment hasn't gone all the way through a decades-long regulatory process.

This is a reality for too many Americans. Thankfully, that reality is changing. States across the country are pushing back against a federal drug approval system bogged down in red tape. Since 2014, 36 states have joined Missouri in passing Right-to-Try laws and the U.S. Congress is expected to act on the federal Right-To-Try bill this year.

This year, a Missouri House committee overwhelmingly passed a new bipartisan bill sponsored by Republican State Representative Jim Neely. HB 437 would expand our state’s Right-To-Try law to include medical cannabis. The state legislature is poised to act on this legislation in 2018.

  1. Call (573) 751-2151.
  2. Ask the operator to connect you with your state Representative's office.
  3. Urge your representative to support suffering patients' right to try experimental treatments, including medical cannabis.

▽ Ask your Senator to support farmer freedom
Allowing farmers the freedom to grow hemp would increase the availability of cannabinoids being studied in clinical trials. It would also boost Missouri's economy and reduce our dependence on China.

This year, the Missouri House of Representatives passed HB 170 but the Senate failed to act.

  1. Call (573) 751-2151.
  2. Ask the operator to connect you with your state Senator's office. 
  3. Urge your Senator to support farmers' freedom to grow hemp.

▽ Tell elected officials to get smart on crime
Missouri can no longer afford to put officers at risk in order to police victimless crimes. Our state needs to focus law enforcement resources on stopping the scourge of violent crime in our cities.

  1. Call (573) 751-2151.
  2. Ask the operator to connect you with your state Representative's office.
  3. Urge your Representative to focus on locking up violent criminals instead of nonviolent offenders.

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3. Donate

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