Sunday, August 27, 2017

Columbia City Council to consider medical cannabis

To combat the opioid epidemic and open a door for improved policing practices, a Columbia city councilman plans to push for legalization of medical marijuana. Second Ward Councilman Michael Trapp hopes to rally a majority of the city council behind an effort to add medical cannabis legalization to the city’s lobbying agenda.

“The most common way people get into opioid use disorders is through a legitimate medical problem and prescription by your doctor,” Trapp said. “The doctors don’t have options ... cannabis is effective, much safer and has fewer side effects.”

Fourth Ward Councilman Ian Thomas said in a text message Thursday he supports Trapp’s proposal to lobby for medical marijuana.

How can you help?

1. Ask your councilman to support patient rights

Imagine living every minute in pain because untreatable, malignant tumors are pressing against your organs. An investigational treatment might provide relief or extend your life, but a government agency won't let you try it because the treatment hasn't gone all the way through a decades-long regulatory process.

This is a reality for too many Americans. Thankfully, that reality is changing. States across the country are pushing back against a federal drug approval system bogged down in red tape. Since 2014, 36 states have joined Missouri in passing Right-to-Try laws and the U.S. Congress is expected to act on the federal Right-To-Try bill this year.

This year, a Missouri House committee overwhelmingly passed a new bipartisan bill sponsored by Republican State Representative Jim Neely. HB 437 would expand our state’s Right-To-Try law to include medical cannabis. The state legislature is poised to act on this legislation in 2018.

Second Ward Councilman Michael Trapp hopes to rally a majority of the city council behind this effort and add medicinal cannabis to Columbia's lobbying agenda.

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